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A lug nut is one of the fasteners that attach a car wheel to its hub. A car wheel has four, five, or six lug nuts depending on its make and model.


Most frequently, use a lug wrench or tire iron to remove lug nuts. Alternatively, use a spider wrench, which is a cross-shaped tool with varying sized sockets on each tip.


To remove a rounded lug nut, purchase a rounded-lug-nut-removal tool from a local auto repair shop. Many lug-nut-removal tools are sold with a set of socket-type ends in various sizes. To use the lug-nut-removal tool, choose the appropriately sized socket from the set and twist it onto the lug nut.


Removing a damaged wheel nut requires using several different types of techniques that can loosen the nut from the stud. There are also specialty sockets available that have rigid grooves along the inside surface, which secure it onto the damaged lug nut so it can be loosened.


To choose the right lug nut or wheel lock for a car wheel, several dimensions and characteristics on the wheel studs and the lug nut itself must first be determined. These dimensions and characteristics include the thread size and pitch, the seat type of the lug nut and the dimensions of the lug nut


Trucks with 8-lug wheels include 3/4 to 1-ton trucks from various vehicles, including Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge and Jeep. Generally, large trucks use the stronger 8-lug wheels to incorporate larger brakes and improve stopping ability.


AutoZone, Brandsport, Gorilla Automotive Parts and other auto parts retailers sell lug nut keys for locking lug nuts. Aside from more standard locking lug nuts, Gorilla and McGard sell specialized locking lug nut sets. To replace these keys you need to provide the wheel lock key registration number.


The 5 by 114.3 lug pattern was the standard lug pattern between 1980 and 2005, so the pattern will fit many car models, such as vehicles from Acura, Toyota, Honda, Ford and Dodge. If the vehicle was made before the 1980s or after the year 2000, then the vehicle has a smaller chance of fitting the 5


To measure a lug pattern, find the bold circle diameter, or BCD, and add the number of bolts to the diameter. Use a tape measure to complete this task.


A wheel lug nut torque chart indicates the proper amount of torque, or twisting force, to apply to the lugs nuts found on vehicle wheels. Mechanics need to apply proper torque when tightening lug nuts to ensure damage does not occur to the wheels.