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By visiting the Olympic website, users can quickly and easily find an Olympic dealer nearby. Simply click "Explore Products" and "Find a Store" to search.


The colors of the five interlocked rings of the Olympic flag, and the flag's white background, were selected because they incorporated the colors of all the national flags that existed when the flag was created. The flag's colors are blue, dark yellow, black, green and red.


Because most Olympic paints are water based, they are easier to remove from clothing than oil-based paints. However, it is not always possible to remove all Olympic paint stains from clothes.


No combination of other colors can be used to make white paint because any other color of paint absorbs some of at least one particular wavelength. Combining paints or filters to form other colors is known as subtractive color mixing.


The paint colors lemon yellow, yellow ocher, burnt sienna and ultramarine blue combine to make gold. Several combinations of colors make gold, but this combination works well.


For safety purposes, a car should be painted in a color that is easily visible on the road, such as cherry red, yellow or white. Cars that are black, gray, silver or dull red in hue are not as visible and tend to be involved in more accidents.


Good colors of paint for an office often include colors in the blue, yellow and green families, according to Forbes. It is recommended that the color be subtle so that it is not too stimulating and promotes a calm environment.


Some things to consider when choosing paint colors include lighting, mood of the room, hue, paint finishes and ease in manipulation of the color choice. Color choices can have significant psychological effects, according to HGTV.


Some popular colors identified by HouseBeautiful as of 2015 include aqua chiffon, oceanside, cathedral gray, forsythia blossom and organic garden. Other alternatives include clear blue sky, cedar green, turquoise, sea kiss and silhouette gray, in addition to grape hyacinth, pavilion gray and maple g


Paint a bedroom according to the desired mood for the room. If a tranquil setting is desired, choose gray, lighter blues, light greens or charcoal. If a serene and happy setting is called for, choose a light pink, champagne or even white. For a simple look, choose a neutral color such as beige or cr