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The difference between sculptures and statues is that a statue is a large sculpture of a person or animal and is made of stone or metal. A sculpture is made by carving stone or wood or sculpting clay and varies in size from very small to very large but mobile.


Find sculptures that fit the size and style of the garden by browsing garden centers, home improvement stores and specialty garden sculpture stores. Browse through pictures of garden sculptures before shopping to get an idea of the styles you like.


Additive sculpture is three-dimensional artwork created by separate parts added to a whole. Used in many art mediums, this type of sculpture includes paper, wood, trash, clay and metal.


The first basic classification of sculpture is based on its appearance, which is sculpture in the round or relief, and the other distinction classifies it based on its method of creation, which is additive or subtractive. Sculpture in the round is a free standing sculpt...


Some of the most common materials used in sculpture include bronze, various types of stone, welded steel and wood. The sculptor's repertoire of materials has not so much changed through the ages as it has been continually added to.


One way to make an ice sculpture is to fill balloons of various shapes and sizes with water and allow them to freeze after arranging them in creative designs, then once the water is completely frozen, peel away the balloons to reveal the ice sculpture. It is important t...


The additive processes of sculpture include casting, modeling and assembling. The art of sculpture mainly comprises of four primary techniques. These techniques are either additive, which means that a material is added to the sculpture, or subtractive, which requires th...