As of 2015, a wrought iron gate for a driveway entrance ranges in price from around $1,400 to $3,200. The cost of a gate that is powered to open with a remote control can average an additional $550 to $4,500, bringing th... More »

Paint a wrought iron gate by first removing the old paint and any noticeable rust, taking steps to prevent new rust, priming, and then painting. Allow enough time for the primer and the paint to dry before adding a secon... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

As of 2015, the average cost of a wrought iron gate is between $190 and $820 plus installation. Prices vary according to the cost of mounting, installation hardware and the cost of labor. More »

Some popular wrought iron gate designs include ivy scrolls, custom lettering, elegant scrolls, musical notes and sunflowers. At, site visitors can access gate designs, styles and costs. Some ma... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Lowe's Home Improvement store carries the Freedom brand of aluminum driveway gates. These gates are available in a variety of colors and range in price and size. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Some good residential driveway gates include the St. Augustine dual and Biscayne dual driveway gates, Concord and Hyde Park bi-parting swing driveway gates. These gate types are strong, well-designed, easy to install and... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

To install a wrought iron fence, use stakes and string to mark out the placement and height of the fence posts. Dig holes for each fence post to about 2 feet deep. The fence posts typically contain screw holes in them fo... More » Home & Garden Outdoor