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Cats benefit greatly from object play, with common toys being laser pointers and wands that imitate the movement of bugs and birds, according to WebMD. Multi-tiered cat towers can encourage overweight animals to climb and jump, writes Everyday Health. One company has also developed a kitty treadmill


The Body by Jake line of fitness equipment consists of exercise machines, kits and pieces such as resistance bands, free weights and weight-training rings. Body by Jake machines include The Solution and the Cardio Cruiser. Kits include the Tower 200 Full-Body Exercise Gym, Tower Xpress and Crunch Co


Prevention recommends using items like jump ropes, dumbbells, resistance bands, stability balls and yoga mats if equipment or tools are desired to supplement one's workout. WebMD states that effective workouts can be accomplished anywhere at anytime without the use of any equipment at all.


According to the Mayo Clinic, exercising helps people control their weight, so not exercising makes it more likely for people to gain weight. Another effect of not exercising is the likelihood that a person acquires health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, stroke and even


During exercise, the muscles pull oxygen out of the bloodssstream, blood vessels dilate for increased blood flow, the heart and diaphragm work harder, and the body starts to sweat to remove heat from the body. On the molecular level, the body creates adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to provide energy to


Push-ups, stomach crunches, squats, sit-ups and calf raises are some exercises demonstrated on the show “Body Electric.” The show is created, hosted and produced by Margaret Richard. The show focuses on numerous types of low-impact exercises, including aerobic exercises, weight-bearing exercises, fl


Walmart sells several categories of exercise equipment, including exercise bikes, fitness gear, ab and core toners, treadmills and boxing supplies, as of June 2015. Products are available in stores or on the Exercise and Fitness page on Walmart.com.


The body needs more oxygen during exercise because the muscles need to produce more energy for the body to become more active, explains the Lung Institute of Western Australia. This is done by breaking down glucose from food.


The Museum of East Alabama states DP exercise equipment was produced by a company called Diversified Products Corporation. The corporation was founded in 1962 with its first plant situated in Opelika, Alabama. Diversified Products Corporation is now out of business, having closed its doors in 1998.


According to the College of Health at the University of Utah, composition exercises are exercises that help achieve a healthier body composition. They define body composition as a percentage of body weight made up of fat and fat-free tissue.