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A good example of consistency is choosing a specific color palette to use in marketing materials to create a standard, recognizable look. Another example of consistency in graphic design is using the same font and tone to achieve a uniform design across a website.


Although an annual physical exam can vary depending on the doctor, it typically involves a review of the patient's health history; a check of vital signs; and lung, heart, neurological, head, neck, dermatological and extremities examinations, according to WebMD. Laboratory and sex-specific tests are


The WTO is the world's only multi-lateral trade organization. Here are three ways it promotes trade, recent news, and its history. The World Trade Organization is a global membership group that promotes and manages free trade. It does this in three ways. First, it administers existing multilateral t


Definition of Status Consistency (noun) A situation in which an individual’s status is similar across several categories such as education, income and occupation.Example of Status Consistency. A highly esteemed professor at a prestigious institution who is paid well has status consistency; a highly esteemed professor at a prestigious school who is not paid well has status inconsistency.


Definition: Status inconsistency is a condition that occurs when individuals have some status characteristics that rank relatively high and some that rank relatively low. Status inconsistency can be quite pervasive, especially in societies in which ascribed statuses such as race and gender play an important role in stratification.


Status inconsistency is a situation where an individual's social positions have both positive and negative influences on his or her social status.For example, a teacher may have a positive societal image (respect, prestige) which increases their status but may earn little money, which simultaneously decreases their status.. Advocates of the concept propose that status inconsistency has ...


Status inconsistency is a condition in which a person's social position is high in one regard but low in another regard. For example, in male-dominated industries, a woman in a position of power may experience status inconsistency.


1. shoot with a firearm using a type of cartridge that contains gunpowder but neither bullet nor pellet. 2. [slang][fig.] be infertile and unlikely to impregnate a woman (due to various issues such as a low sperm count)


In a class system, low status consistency correlates with having more choices and opportunities. The Commoner Who Could Be Queen Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, who is in line to be king of England, married Catherine Middleton, a so-called commoner, meaning she does not have royal ancestry.


a socioeconomic system that divides society’s members into categories ranking from high to low, based on things like wealth, power, and prestige status consistency the consistency, or lack thereof, of an individual’s rank across social categories like income, education, and occupation wealth