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Choose cereals under 150 mg sodium per serving; Choose cereals under 100 mg potassium per serving; Cereals sold in bags instead of boxes are often a better buy. Store brand cereals are usually less expensive than name brand cereals. Avoid cereals with the word phosphorus or "phos" in the ingredient list.


A cold cereal with low levels of potassium is Kellogg's Rice Krispies. Kellogg's Crispix, Apple Jacks and Froot Loops are cold cereals that are low in potassium. Other cold cereal options for people on low-potassium diets include Quaker's Fruity Brontosaurus Blasts and puffed millet cereals sold by various manufacturers.


The Best Cereals That Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Should Choose To Eat. ... Cereals that are low in Potassium and Phosphorus include Crispix, Corn Flakes (pick lower salt) and Rice Krispies. ... You may also want to check the sodium concentration per serving of cereal because lower sodium choices will help with your blood pressure control.


Foods lowest in Phosphorus and Sodium and Potassium (based on levels per 100-gram serving) in Breakfast Cereals | Widen your search | See all Foods lowest in Phosphorus and Sodium and Potassium in ... Cereals ready-to-eat, corn flakes, low sodium Phosphorus: ...


High-potassium, high-fiber foods are better for most people than foods low in potassium, fiber or both. However, some health conditions, such hyperkalemia -- high potassium levels -- require a low potassium diet. Fortunately, there are several foods low in potassium and high in fiber.


Some cereals contain too much fat or potassium for restrictive renal diets, but others are convenient as an on-the-go snack. Avoid granola cereals, as they are high in fat, and bran cereals, which are too high in potassium. Also, skip cereals with dried bananas. Instead, look for unsweetened, whole-grain cereals.


Eating breakfast out is a special treat for some and a daily routine for others. Knowing the best choices for a kidney diet helps you stay within your goals to keep intake low in sodium, potassium and phosphorus. Here are some tips to help keep a kidney-friendly breakfast.


Kashi GoLean. Kashi hot and cold cereals contain a mix of whole grains, and they are low in sugar. One serving of Kashi GoLean cereal, equal to 1 cup or 52 g, has 140 calories, 1 g of fat, 85 mg of sodium, 480 mg of potassium, 30 g of total carbohydrates, with 10 g of dietary fiber, 6 g of sugars and 13 g of protein.


Please make more of your cereals low in salt; I am on a very restricted diet that has to be low in sodium. A: We know people are being more mindful about sodium, and we're listening to our consumers. Kellogg's has reduced the sodium in our most popular cereals in the U.S. by as much as 70 percent since 1998. ... Low sodium cereals (140 mg or ...


Answer (1 of 1): It seems that cereals made predominantly from rice and wheat are the cereals that offer the least potassium. This means that cereals like Rice Crispies, Quaker cereals, and cereals that are made from nothing other than wheat are going to be the best option for you. Potassium is an essential mineral that is found in most food sources out there, and the mineral is important for ...