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Lower levels of ferritin may indicate deficiency of iron which leads to disease called anemia. The normal ferritin levels are 18 to 270 ng/mL of blood among males and it is 18 to 160 ng/mL range among females. People having levels below 18 to 50 nanogram are said to have low ferritin levels or anemic.


The normal reference ranges are obtained by sampling ferritin concentrations in populations of women, many of whom may have had iron deficiency, and whether the lower limit of the normal range is actually too low has been brought into question. The fact that iron supplementation improves fatigue when ferritin levels are below 50 µg/L would ...


Low ferritin (<30 µg/L) is unequivocally the best (most sensitive and most specific) indicator of iron deficiency [1,10] (Table 1). However, the patient may be iron deficient even at higher serum ferritin concentrations than 30 µg/L [14-17] (Figure 2). For pediatric patients the limits are probably only slightly lower than for adults [2,18].


Low ferritin is found in iron deficiency anemia,inadequate iron intake,chronic blood loss like in heavy bleeding during menses,GI bleed from ulcers, colon polyps, Colon cancer, Hemorrhoids, etc. Serum ferritin levels are more specific than serum iron levels.So pls consult a physician to find out the cause of low ferritin levels in serum.


In general, low levels suggests iron deficiency whereas high levels may suggest iron overload in the body. However, elevated levels are often found in the absence of iron overload. Normal Values for Ferritin. Ferritin levels tend to increase with age and the levels are higher in men than women. The reference range is as follows: Males: 23-336 ...


"Low serum iron, normal ferritin, red blood cells and hemocrit. Will 14mg iron a day raise my serum iron? It was only a little low." Answered by Dr. Randy Baker: Probably not: 14 mg is a very low dose because iron supplements tend t...


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If you have an iron deficiency, you may have to take ferritin supplements. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of ferritin tablets. The Best Iron Supplement for Low Ferritin Levels | Livestrong.com


Ferritin is a protein in your body that stores iron and regulates its distribution. Containing about 20 percent of iron, it resides in your cells with only a small amount traveling in your bloodstream. You will find the greatest amount of ferritin in your liver cells and immune system.


Serum iron is a medical laboratory test means how much total iron is in your blood, for best evaluation of body’s content of iron the doctor must request all anemia test including; serum iron, TIBC, Ferritin, transferrin, and transferrin saturation tests.