Good riddles and answers can range from relatively easy, like "What kind of room has no doors or windows? A mushroom" to the very difficult, such as the Sphinx's riddle. This famous riddle asks, "What walks on four legs ... More »

Some riddles about love include: "What makes grown men cry, but humanity would go extinct without it?" and "What causes a sudden increase in heart rate, a loss of memory and overall brain function, but is not a drug?" Th... More »

You can find answers to riddles at or at Both GoodRiddlesNow and BrainDen have many different riddles to look up and see the answers to. More » Hobbies & Games Puzzles & Brainteasers Brainteasers

The riddle "what kind of room has no windows or doors" is very popular and the answer is a mushroom. Many riddles are plays on words or give properties of one item to another that has a similar sound or working. More »

Examples of online resources for riddles include, and Another resource is, which features articles that contain different types of riddles for kids. More » Art & Literature Literature

Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay "Nature" begins with a lament about people's willingness to accept easy answers about nature, rather than experiencing it for themselves. It then moves to a discussion about the nature of true... More »

Several websites offer answers to riddles, including GoodRiddlesNow, BrainDen and Thinks. Each website specializes in different kinds of riddles, and each source handles the inclusion of riddles differently. More »