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Family and friends of offenders assigned to the custody of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections -- Corrections Services can locate the offender by calling the Offender Locator. Individuals, using a touch tone or cell phone, may call 225-383-4580 to access the Offender Locator system 24 hours a day. Callers will need to know ...


Louisiana State Prisons And County Jails Directory. A list of Jail and Prison locations in louisiana including the name, address and phone number. We can help you find people who may be incarcerated in louisiana. Louisiana Department of Corrections (LA DOC) 504 Mayflower Street 225-342-9711 . Look Up An Inmate East Baton Rouge Parish Prison


Louisiana Inmate Locater and Louisiana Department of Corrections website, inmates,prisoners and more ... State Prison Population: 36,939 Probation Population: 38,470 ... Jefferson Parish Inmate Search CLICK HERE Jefferson Davis Parish Jail Arrest Log CLICK HERE La Salle Parish Arrests


Louisiana Inmate Search, Department of Corrections(DOC) And inmate locator free service. More lists of county jail, prison, sheriff, correctional facility and jail roster in LA.


Louisiana State Penitentiary is located in Angola Louisiana. It is the only fully maximum security institution in the state, housing over 6,300 adult males, over 85% of which are violent offenders. In addition, over half of the inmates in this prison are serving life sentences.


Louisiana Inmate Searches Click on the links below to see a complete listing of available inmate search tools for the county and state department of corrections. In addition to the inmate lookups are mailing addresses, links to the Sheriff's Offices, county jail statistics, and detailed crime rates for the region.


Records of inmates serving their sentence in LA state prisons are maintained by Louisiana Department of Corrections (DOC). The DOC maintains a centralized inmate database which one can easily search (refer the guide below). While the inmates in federal prison can be searched directly on BOP website.


2. If you cannot find your inmate in the LA DOC - Louisiana State Penitentiary search above, you can use the arrest record search below, which will allow you to search all police records (arrest/criminal), mugshots, social media, photos, background checks, contact Information and more.


To find an inmate in Louisiana, just scroll to the top of the page and click on the Inmate Search button. Once you locate them click next to the inmate's name or on the link provided and it will show you which prison the inmate is housed in.


Disclaimer Conditions of Parole Supervision Conditions of Probation Supervision Sex Offender Registry Crimes Against Adults Crimes Against Juveniles Interstate Compact Disclaimer . Press Releases September 20, 2016 12:49. State Task Force to Release Plan to Shed Louisiana's #1 Imprisonment Ranking March 16, 2017 Department of Health and ...