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A customer with a Safeway Club Card who cannot find the card but wishes to retrieve the number may call the Safeway customer care line at 1-877-723-3929, as of 2014. A customer service representative can then find the number based on the customer's information.


Please send me a couple of sents of the safeway club cards; I've seemed to of lost them. My name is Carol Marie Kearney I live at: 2957 Crystal Palace Lane Pasadena,Md 21122 My Phone number is: 1 ...


With access to instant savings at Safeway food stores and other promotional programs that collaborate with the stores, members have a variety of options for cutting costs and saving money. After you apply for your club card and receive it, you are assigned a club card number. You can use this number to register for various programs.


Update Club Card Information. Search. Change My Store | Store Locator . Close . Do you want to change our store to this store? No, don't change Yes, change to this store Default Header sw l st l csz l Lefty sw r st r csz r Righty Why am I seeing this? ...


How to fill out info to activate a Safeway club card and the Safeway club card offers only in the store. You can ask for an application form to the customer service department at home to print out the application form, and then fill out the application form to the client.


I often get the question, What should I do if I've lost my Safeway club card? 1) Replacement cards can be obtained by visiting your local store. 2) You can apply for a new club card at Safeway stores (either at the till or customer service)


You can request a replacement card at any Safeway Customer Service counter. Most if the time the Checkers will have them as well. You will then have to register your new card. If you registered your phone number when you set up your original card ...


CALGARY- So long, club card. Safeway is dropping its membership program, which means that starting on Friday shoppers won’t need a card to take advantage of store specials. The move could prove ...


How Do You Register for the Safeway Club Card? Safeway Club Cards are only available in-store. It's possible to ask customer service for an application or print out the application at home and bring it in already filled out.