Losing 2 pounds is a process that can take about a week to complete safely. In order to lose 2 pounds, you will need an exercise plan and healthy food. More »

It's possible to lose 2 pounds in a week by following a healthy diet and exercising regularly, according to Mayo Clinic. In addition, people who want to lose weight and keep it off need to commit to a realistic plan and ... More »

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Many diets claim to help people lose large amounts of weight in a single week, but Women’s Health magazine suggests that the average person is not able to lose more than 3 to 4 pounds in a week. Losing weight gradually a... More »

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According to WebMD, one method of losing 10 pounds quickly involves creating a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day, which allows a healthy person to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. As the Mayo Clinic explains, a calorie... More »

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, the fastest way to lose 5 pounds in a week is through a combination of exercise, avoiding certain foods and lifestyle changes. Cosmo recommends completing at least thirty minutes of ca... More »

It is unlikely that you will lose 30 pounds in one week through diet and exercise. In fact, it can be dangerous to lose so much weight in such a short amount of time. It is possible to shed a couple of pounds in one week... More »

It is possible to burn 3,500 calories per week when combining diet, strength training and cardiovascular activity together, according to Mayo Clinic. An individual must burn at least 500 calories per day to lose one poun... More »

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