The term "loose tie rods" indicates a set of worn components of the steering system of a vehicle. Tie rods are flexible couplings that connect the steering knuckles to the steering linkage. While tie rods often last for ... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

The most noticeable symptom of a bad tie rod is a knocking sound coming from the front end of the vehicle when driving slowly and making a sharp turn. Turning into a parking spot often results in this symptom. More »

Tie rod ends help direct the steering of a vehicle and make it possible to turn a tire. These devices exist in pairs on every tire. This allows for cornering and angling of the tire without causing too much torque on the... More »

Some common steering components include the steering column, the rack and pinion assembly, the universal joint and the tie rods. The steering system allows a driver to change the car's direction by turning the wheels wit... More »

Diagnose a broken or malfunctioning tie rod by excessively shaking the steering wheel, listening for vibration inside the cabin, listening for hissing sounds when pressure is applied to the vehicle and a loud "clunk" whe... More »

A power steering system is a hydraulic system in which the pressure increases with the vehicle's engine speed, and without a power steering cap, the power steering fluid leaks and the steering wheel becomes more and more... More »

To flush a power steering system, first elevate the front wheels of the vehicle and put a container beneath the power steering system to catch drained fluid, and then let the old fluid out, and refill the system. Circula... More »