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To become a live-in caregiver for the elderly, submit an application to a company that provides that service, such as Griswold Home Care, or myCNAJobs. Elderly individuals who require a live-in caregiver occasionally post ads on Indeed.com. Under such circumstances, apply directly to the individual


A senior caregiver is responsible for providing care, support and companionship to the elderly. Primary functions include planning and preparing meals, personal care, light housekeeping, managing medications and running errands. Senior caregivers also assist the elderly with physical exercise, such


Becoming a companion caregiver for the elderly typically does not require special certification, licenses or even a high school diploma. Caregivers are trained by their employer in emergency and safety measures such as CPR and are expected to be able to cook to meet their client's dietary restrictio


Home care and visiting nurse agencies provide caregivers to clients needing care for elderly patients in their homes. Nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and nursing agencies hire caregivers for patients in hospitals, hospices, nursing homes and retirement communities.


The role of a caregiver includes a wide range of activities, the most common being administering medication, coordinating the treatment and communicating with doctors and family members. The responsibilities of a caregiver are based on the needs of the patient, which vary depending on the illness an


The two primary routes to finding a caregiver consist of hiring one through a home care service or referral agency and conducting a search for a private caregiver. The former option tends to be more costly, but hiring a private caregiver involves more work and effort to perform various services that


The requirements to become a caregiver in the United States include training on the job or formal training at a vocational school or home health organization, interpersonal skills, stamina and time management skills. While not required, people typically complete high school or higher education befor


A caregiver is responsible for the care of another person. If you have a giving nature and a nurturing desire to help people in need, you can work as a caregiver. There are several ways to officially become a caregiver.


A primary caregiver is a person responsible for the care of another person or child as defined by the law. In custody agreements or orders, the primary caregiver is the person the child lives with majority of the time.


Whether or not a caregiver must be licensed depends on the state. Some states like Alaska require only CPR training while others such as Vermont require caregivers to pass a state exam.