Whether you are college-bound or looking for a new career, we have what you need ... exemptions or even earning college credit at certain GED® score levels.

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Please visit GED to begin the order process in the area you took your test. ... Search for the area that the tester credentialed from in order to place an order.

Feb 22, 2017 ... Most GED test-takers receive results within hours of taking the exam. ... Visit your MyGED online portal to find all of your GED test results.

May 25, 2018 ... To find your GED completion date, you should submit a records request following state ... For protection of privacy, no scores are provided.

Use this article to find out how to get digital and paper copies of your GED test scores. Learn what steps you need to take to access your scores and find out ...

In some cases, your potential employer or the school you want to attend might require a copy of your General Education Development (GED) test scores.

I Lost My GED. ... Individuals have the option to apply in-person for a copy of their GED at the state's High School Equivalency office ... Once they have an account, individuals can request copies of their credentials and look at their GED scores.

Apr 4, 2018 ... How do I find my GED transcript? ... A. Scores are available the same day you test on your MyGED® online portal under the My Scores section.