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The Guinness World Records has no official category for the longest handstand. It does, however, offer a challenge to people who attempt to increase their time in the handstand position. Guinness instructs people to attempt the longest handstand possible by having their feet straight up in the air, doing it completely alone and without a wall.


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Guinness doesn't have a category for the longest held handstand. There are unofficial reports of a handstand being held for longer than 24 hours.


The longest handstand on a skateboard is 687.33 m (2,255 ft) and was achieved by Sam Tartamella (USA) along Nakoma Road, Madison, Wisconsin, USA on 21 July 1996.


Tallest man ever (8 foot 11 inches / shared with Illinois) MINNESOTA. 1. Largest zombie gathering ... Most tennis balls held in the mouth of a dog (5 tennis balls) 6. Longest freestyle rap ... Longest handstand on a skateboard (2,255 feet) 4. Largest collection of Winnie the Pooh Memorabilia (10,002 items)


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