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Best Distance Golf Ball for the Average Golfer – Top 7. For the “average golfer”, we assume you have a slower swing speed (< 90mph). The best distance golf ball for you will have a soft core, and only 2 or 3 layers. Here are the best distance golf balls from various top golf ball brands: Titleist Velocity Golf Ball (12 pack)


Another recommendation is to go for golf balls that are known as "Two Piece" golf balls. These balls are great for senior citizens who may have a slower swing speed, as it helps the golfer to maximize their impact and improve their game. Finally, you will want to try and get golf balls that optimize the spin and launch angle of your ball. This ...


For new golfers and those with slower swing speed, the golf balls with a compression rating of 60, 70 or 80 are more appropriate considering that it creates more distance and eventually shortens the course. 4. Distance. For beginners, it is important to choose a golf ball that even with a slow swing speed, will still travel a good distance.


The best golf balls for slow swing speed also have some characteristic features that make them unique. Check out these interesting features. Features of a Slow Swing Speed Golf Ball The most characteristic feature that shouts for attention in a slow swing speed golf ball is the game control and the balance of distance that it offers.


The best golf balls can compensate for your slow swing speed whether you’re a beginner or a senior player. After all, golf wouldn’t be complete without a ball that you’re supposed to hit with any of your clubs until it shoots inside a hole.


Golf balls are constructed in a variety of ways. According to Golfballs.com, you can buy a two-, three-, four- and even a 5-piece ball. Balls with four or five pieces are the most sophisticated and generally are designed for better players with faster swing speeds.


At this swing speed you will find that a ball with lower levels of compression will tend to travel a farther distance. A further benefit is that it will feel less harsh and jarring on impact with the golf club. These golf balls tend to have a compression rating of 70 - 80. Here are some examples of low compression golf balls for slower swing ...


There are benefits to the low compression balls especially if your swing is slower but in general the best golf ball for 85 mph swing speed and up to 90 mph is going to be something in between hard and soft. A swing speed in your range can compress the ball enough to extract maximum distance and spin from a medium compression golf ball.


All testers used Bridgestone Tour B-RX golf balls for consistency and to reduce test variables. All ... In the SLOW category the longest is 197 but in moderate category it is 241. That’s a big difference and IMO too big a difference. ... Having a slower swing speed, (age catches up with us all eventually), I tested several of the clubs on the ...


The term senior golfer has long been used to describe an older male golfer, but in the 21st century, such a definition is as anachronistic as a golf ball made from feathers. In choosing the longest golf ball for your game, age is largely irrelevant, but swing speed is extremely important. A 6-year-old boy or a ...