The blue whale has the longest and largest tongue in the world. Its tongue can weigh as much and be as long as an African elephant. It uses its massive tongue to push out water from its mouth when sifting for krill. More » Science Biology Zoology

The longest worm in the world is a species of marine worm known as Lineus longissimus, more commonly called the bootlace worm. It is a variety of ribbon worm and lives in shallow coastal waters near western Europe. More » Science Biology Zoology

The many types of animals calling the Amazon River home are the Amazon River dolphin, giant sea otter, piranha, Amazon manatee, giant Amazon River turtle and electric eel, among many more. The Amazon River serves as a ho... More »

The animal with the largest lungs in the world is the blue whale. In total, its lungs have a combined capacity of over 1,300 gallons of air. More »

The blue whale possesses the largest tongue of any animal. The tongue of an average-size adult blue whale weighs 3 tons. When the size of a tongue is considered in relation to body size, the chameleon comes in first plac... More »

The blue whale is the animal that produces the biggest offspring. According to National Geographic, baby blue whale calves emerge from their mothers' wombs with a weight around 3 tons and a length of 25 feet. More »

The strongest animal on Earth is the blue whale. The blue whale is also the largest creature in the entire world. More »