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A redundant colon is longer than normal due to additional loops in the descending part of the colon. People with a redundant colon tend to experience a slower transit time in expelling waste, resulting in chronic constipation. According to the World Journal of Gastroenterology, women are more likely ...


Ive also been taking some colace, plus now this doc gave me miralax, i hope it will help. Im glad to hear having a longer colon than usual is more normal than not. I had never heard of it so it took me by surprise and oh i think before i allow anyone to cut into me again, i better have a few docs agreeing on it instead of just one.


A redundant colon is an abnormally long colon that also has additional loops or twists. Learn about symptoms, treatments, at-home care, and more.


The colon, or large intestine, is about 5 feet long in humans. The large intestine is the last segment of the digestive system, which is 30 feet in total length. The small intestine, at 20 feet in length, is the longest section of the digestive system.


redundant or extended lengths of colon aren't all that unusual. the scopes are only about 6 feet long because that is the length of the "average" colon. this isn't going to sound nice, but with a barium enema, they can keep adding contrast until the entire colon is visualized on the xray.


For people at average risk. The ACS recommends that people at average risk* of colorectal cancer start regular screening at age 45.This can be done either with a sensitive test that looks for signs of cancer in a person’s stool (a stool-based test), or with an exam that looks at the colon and rectum (a visual exam).


The colon is the largest portion of the large intestine, so many mentions of the large intestine and colon overlap in meaning whenever anatomic precision is not the focus. Most sources define the large intestine as the combination of the cecum, colon, rectum, and anal canal. Some other sources exclude the anal canal.


The sigmoid colon (or pelvic colon) is the part of the large intestine that is closest to the rectum and anus. It forms a loop that averages about 35–40 cm (13.78-15.75 in) in length. The loop is typically shaped like a Greek letter sigma (ς) or Latin letter S (thus sigma + -oid).


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Heston on average length of human colon: These are very few ; far between. Unlikely in a caucasian. Very long penises may have difficulty in sustaining erections because of volume of blood require to achieve ;/or sustain erection. Can be u pleasant/painful for partner during intercourse.


Long-term survivors may expect to live a normal life span (LE at age 50 = 30 years) and spent a large proportion of the remaining life in good health (78 %). In distinction, those with stage IV CRC had less than 2 years to live and spent more than half of their remaining life in poor health.