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Visiting the salon is an experience, after all. But let me tell you, applying Essie's easy, long-lasting Gel Couture Nail Polish is an experience in itself. Every 3 weeks, I'd take a trip to my favorite local nail salon, armed with an almost-filled punch card, set of unsightly nails, and a pair of comfortable flip-flops — no matter the season.


Rating: 4 stars, 78 reviews What people are saying: “Easy to apply and long lasting.I used over clear, full cover press-on nails and it looks like I have a professional set! No chipping, fading ...


See the end of the article for tips and tricks to make your nail polish last. ... Amazon Customer Reviews Extra long-lasting Won't smudge nail stamping Dries very hard Price: $18.00 ...


The secret to a chip-free manicure is a long-lasting nail polish formula. And we’ve found the best ones. These are our reviews of the longest-lasting nail polishes. Spoiler: Most of them cost less than $10!


If you want your nail polish to last without chipping, start at the foundation with these 11 best base coats. ... Amazon Customer Reviews Long-lasting Dries quickly Three free Price: $9.00 Shop at ...


Yes. You won’t get the same long-lasting results as you would with gel polish, but this method does make it easier to remove the nail polish once it starts to chip. Q. Is clear nail polish the same as a top coat? A. Not necessarily. Unless it’s labeled as such, clear nail polish is basically just nail polish without pigment.


If you purchase Essie’s gel type of a nail polish, you will have a long lasting manicure for sure. The gel polish in the shade ”Closing Night” is something that will put a smile on your face. Since it is Essie we are talking about, as well since it is a gel type of a nail polish it is a little bit more pricey, and you can buy it for $12.


If you’re short on time, this gel-effect polish has a built-in base coat so will save you a few precious minutes. Gel-effect means it’s chip-free and longer-lasting than a standard polish and ...


Londontown’s formula proves that dangerous ingredients aren’t a requirement for a long-lasting lacquer. This nine-free polish boasts botanicals over chemicals, and works to strengthen and heal brittle nails while you wear it. Two coats granted full coverage and three coats added brilliant shine that adhered to my nail beds for six days.


Nails Inc in Cornwall Gardens, $14, available here: This pale purple hue was by far the longest-lasting polish — which surprised me, I'll admit. I've always been a fan of U.K.-based brand Nails ...