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The Technology Student and the Trucking Truth websites provide users with several resources and examples of logbooks. These logbooks are taken from truck drivers who updated their experiences according to different road conditions and schedule changes.


Download logbooks for boating, flying, travel and driving from boatingcruising.com, myflightbook.com, dryk-financial-services.com and iTunes. Government agencies internationally require that individuals and companies keep log books when engaged in commercial activities.


Using a OneTouch logbook helps people with diabetes to monitor and track trends in blood glucose levels, and it makes it easy to share activity with health care professionals. Keeping track of when blood glucose levels are in or out of range and recording comments about them help a diabetic build aw


Australian workers may deduct work-related car expenses from their taxes without a logbook using any one of three methods, according to the Australian Taxation Office. One can choose the most advantageous method, but Vasin Accountants and Taxation Advisors suggests that a fourth method, the logbook


Patients who need to keep a simple logbook only need to record their blood sugar levels in their diabetes logbooks, according to University of California, San Francisco. More comprehensive logbooks should contain information about the patient's diet, exercise, medicine and other activities.


Information kept in a CDL logbook includes driving dates, miles driven, and the driver's name and truck number. Record start and end times of driving periods, and report any changes in vehicles or co-drivers. Include destination beginnings and endings, as well as specific items transported.


A log book is a systematic daily or hourly record of activities, events and occurrences. Log books are often used in the workplace, especially by truck drivers and pilots, to log hours and distances covered.


Replacement OneTouch logbooks for recording blood glucose levels are available at no cost at the OneTouch website (shoponetouch.com). A package of three checkbook-sized logbooks also is available at minimal cost.


A vehicle's log book is an official document that provides proof that the vehicle is registered. It is also used as evidence that an individual is the legal owner of the vehicle. It contains information such as vehicle registration number and personal data of the person it is registered to.


The LifeScan logbook helps people with diabetes keep organized daily records of blood glucose levels in relation to their insulin dosages and the amount of carbohydrates they eat, according to the company. Over time, the notes let patients see patterns, which aids them in setting goals. LifeScan des