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To open a bank account, select an institution and a type of account to open, says About.com. Once an account has been chosen, provide information such as name, birth date and social security number. Agree to the terms that the bank provides and the account can be created.


To log in to Capital One's online banking, first go to its website. On the left side choose which type of account you want to access. Type your user name and password in the designated areas, and click the Sign In button, which will bring you to your account overview.


The law requires banks to keep a record of checking and savings accounts for five years after an account is closed, states Miranda Morley for Zacks. Information kept by banks includes transaction history, transfers of $3,000 or more in funds, and information on the identity of the account holder.


You can log into Eastern Bank by entering your HomeConnect ID and password at EasternBank.com. If you need to create an online account, click on the Enroll button in the Login box at the Eastern Bank home page.


Logging in to Citizens Bank online requires navigating to the online banking portal. Customers have the option to sign in to manage checking and debit accounts or manage their credit cards.


To open a checking account at a bank, a person should determine whether a business or checking account is appropriate and then visit a local branch or set up the account online. It is important to evaluate all offers at related financial institutions, as noted by Chron Small Business. Common financi


The best bank accounts for children are basic savings accounts that their parents open for them and help them manage. Children's bank accounts should not impose a minimum balance or charge a monthly fee.


Opening an online bank account is generally quite easy and only takes a few minutes. Some banks allow new members to open an account without visiting a bank branch, while others require new members to open an account in person before being able to access it online.


Opening a bank account online requires providing the bank with identification, determining the type of account that you want and funding the new account once it has been approved. There are government rules regarding identity verification that govern the opening of all bank accounts, according to Al


Institutions with free checking include Capital One, Simple, BankMobile, BBVA Compass, Navy Federal Credit Union and USE Credit Union, as of 2015. Many banks offer free checking accounts.