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Cash a check at a bank by endorsing the check and providing a valid photo ID. While you can cash a check at your own bank or at the bank on which the check was drawn, but you may have to pay a fee at a bank that's not your own.


People can cash a check by going to a branch location of the bank or credit union that issued the check, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Individuals must present proper identification to cash the check.


Personal check cashing is a service provided by check-cashing stores and some retailers for people who do not have bank accounts. In addition, the bank that issued a check is often willing to cash the check if it is presented in person by the payee. Because check-cashin...


Check-cashing stores cash checks for a fee. U.S. News & World Report notes that such stores cater to those who are unable to obtain conventional bank checking accounts.


A check can be cashed online through check imaging, according to The Telegraph. Check imaging involves processing a digital copy of a check rather than the real physical check. This system requires customers to take a scan of their checks through their smartphones and s...


A U.S. News article states that a valid personal check can generally be cashed at the issuing bank without needing to open an account. Check-cashing companies offer this service for a nominal fee. Verifiable identification is needed in most circumstances.


According to the Uniform Commercial Code, a United States bank is not legally required to deposit or cash a check that is more than six months old. The Code notes that the bank may choose to pay the check after six months in good faith to the account holder.