Property ownership documents are public records and are generally available through local government offices or online. Online listings through the Multiple Listing Service can help locate property owners, or people can ... More »

Locate a homeowner by visiting the property tax assessor's office or asking a real estate agent for the homeowner's contact information. You can also ask the neighbors or search the property title in public records. More » Business & Finance Real Estate

The name of a property owner can be found on any local county assessor’s website, as of 2015. The county assessor is responsible for the collection of property taxes. More »

Property ownership records are public records and can be searched either online or through local government offices. Searches for property ownership can be conducted online using the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and it... More »

In order to determine the year a house was built, property owners can locate the deed or ownership documents that list the exact date the house was built. If property owners do not have the ownership documents, they can ... More »

Property records available to the public include property information, history, associated documents, summary and any other available public records regarding the property, such as date of last sale and estimated value. ... More »

Property ownership is public record, and ownership documents are recorded in the county clerk and recorder's office and can be looked up by the property's address. Often the clerk and recorder's records are also availabl... More »