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Although specific services vary from business to business, basic tree removal includes the chopping or sawing of the tree, sometimes in sections, until the visible portion of the tree can be removed from the property. Some tree removal specialists haul away the offending tree or provide stump grindi


There are several ways to have a tree cut and removed for free; these include calling the city, power or company and local self-employed loggers, who can do the task without charge. Advertising in the local paper or posting online message boards for free wood may also elicit offers for free tree cut


Tree and shrub planting, pruning, and transplanting are some common services offered by companies that specialize in trees, such as Independent Tree located in Ohio. Tree removal and stump grinding, care for storm-damaged trees, plus pest and disease protection are just a few of the services it prov


Tree of Life offers naturopathic consultations, licensed dietitian services, detoxification therapies, structural health services and stress-management services. Tree of Life Health Ministries is dedicated to teaching individuals how to naturally become healthier physically and mentally.


Use the online directories of the National Glass Association and Glass Global to locate glass companies in your area. The NGA online directory lists member companies, and Glass Global is a collection of glass companies from across the globe.


Private local security services provide a variety of armed and unarmed services and expertise for their clients. These security services are typically equipped to provide guard and patrol services or to serve as consultants for property and business owners seeking to address a range of security issu


Experian provides lists of residential addresses in specified areas and neighborhoods, as of 2016. Professionals use these lists for marketing and promotions. Demographic data is incorporated into the lists, with information such as age, length of residence and household income.


To refinance with Green Tree Servicing, call the company, and speak with a loan specialist, says Green Tree. They do not offer online applications for refinancing a mortgage.


JR Tree Service offers a wide range of professional tree and landscaping services to both residential and commercial customers. Specific services available include tree removal, stump removal, tree shaping, tree trimming and lot clearing, as well as complete landscape design to update the look of an


As of 2015, lists compiled on Wikepedia.org serve as the most complete source of phone service providers available to consumers; standardized lists are not available to the everyday consumer as of 2015. Wikepedia.org contains lists organized by location, provider type -- such as wireless -- and comp