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The price of firewood is affected by its dryness, location and energy content. Other important factors in cost include the size of the bundle being purchased and the distance it was transported.


Find local sellers of firewood at YellowPages.com or on the Craigslist.org site nearest you. Sometimes you can find free firewood listed in the Free Stuff sections on Craigslist.org sites.


Individuals can find local firewood suppliers through the Yellow Pages and Craigslist, and can buy small bundles of firewood at many convenience stores, campgrounds and retailers such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot. Price, availability and delivery options vary depending on...


The average price of delivered firewood ranges from $125 to $200 for a full cord. These prices vary depending on the local economy, the origin of the firewood, the type of wood, the size of the order and the distance from the supplier.


The best types of firewood include hardwoods such as bur, red and white oak, hard maple and birch. Softwoods that are good for firewood are pine and fir, but generally, hardwoods are superior to softwoods when it comes to firewood.


Premier Firewood delivers firewood to clients throughout the Norwalk, Connecticut, area, while Tractor Supply Company sells firewood across the United States through a network of distributors. Arndt Forest Products supplies firewood from Wisconsin, and The A. Johnson Co...


To season firewood, split the wood and stack it in an open space exposed to the sun and wind and leave it for more than six months. This process dries the wood, ensuring that it burns efficiently without having to boil off excess moisture.


Some possible sources of free firewood include dead trees on local residential or business properties, logs on the roadside, downed trees, scraps from wood shops, and trees cleared for new construction. It is important to ask the property owner for permission before sca...


Cheap ways to get firewood include searching online, purchasing a firewood permit, visiting the local sawmill and scavenging. Some firewood sellers do not advertise selling in bulk so it is a good idea to ask if that is a possibility.


A cord is the measurement used for firewood. The official and standard full cord of firewood has a height of 4 feet, a width of 4 feet, a length of 8 feet and a volume of 128 cubic feet. There are other types of cords, varying in size and amount.