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Some online fabric stores include Fabric.com and Fabric Depot. There is also Mood Designer Fabrics, which specializes in high-end clothing and home fabrics made by popular designers.


A fabric is a material made of artificial or natural fibers woven together. The characteristics of fabrics depend on the fibers used and what treatment is applied to them. Treatments may include dyes, starching and formaldehyde finishes.


Find store locations near you with a map websites such as Mapquest. Choose the Find Places option to search for stores by keyword. Type in the name of a product you are looking for, a store category or the name a specific store chain to find locations near you.


Use the online directories of the National Glass Association and Glass Global to locate glass companies in your area. The NGA online directory lists member companies, and Glass Global is a collection of glass companies from across the globe.


As of July 2015, business hours for local Food Basics stores are on the company's website. On the home page, choose the Click to Select a Home Store link. On the next page, input your ZIP code or city and state, and hit Search Stores.


Users can generate a list of New Balance stores by using the store locator tool available on NewBalance.com, and they can search for stores in a given area by ZIP code or by city and state. Another tool specifically for finding New Balance outlet stores is available on Outlettable.com.


Find current business hours for local UPS stores by visiting sites such as UPS.com, TheUPSStore.com or Yelp.com, as of 2015. Each site includes tools for searching for the nearest location and obtaining contact information in addition to hours of operation. The UPS smartphone app also provides store


Viewing local listings for nearby hardware stores depends on the specific store. For local listings from Lowe's, customers must visit its special Shop Local website, and then enter their ZIP code to find the weekly ad for the stores closest to them. Customers can also allow the website to detect the


To turn cotton into fabric, grow and harvest cotton plants, separate the lint and seed, make the yarn and weave the yarn into fabric. This process requires cottonseed, a cotton harvester, a cotton gin, a carding machine, a spinning machine and a weaving machine.


Experian provides lists of residential addresses in specified areas and neighborhoods, as of 2016. Professionals use these lists for marketing and promotions. Demographic data is incorporated into the lists, with information such as age, length of residence and household income.