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Tips for finding local electrical contractors include asking for recommendations from friends and family members, asking other local building contractors, and seeking recommendations from electrical supplies stores and the local home builders' associations. Homeowners may also search for local elect


General contractors make approximately $28.55 per hour or an annual salary that ranges between $27,000 and $119,000 including bonuses, according to PayScale, as of 2015. Salary varies according to location and length of time in the position.


The first thing to do when hiring a local contractor is to get recommendations from friends, family, co-workers or neighbors who have worked with or know of the contractor. The homeowner should also find a professional organization that the contractor belongs to and see if he is a member in good sta


To find local foundation contractors, do a search on a website, such as the National Foundation Repair Association, Concrete Network or HomeAdvisor.com, to find contractors in a specific location. Before hiring a contractor, check to make sure that the contractor follows codes, ask questions and che


Find local concrete contractors by using the search tools on Yelp.com, YellowPages.com and YellowPageCity.com, as of 2015. All three websites allow visitors to search for contractors for free by location.


As of 2016, Houzz.com maintains a list of local general contractors in an individual's local area. HomeAdvisor.com also maintains a directory of professionals grouped by type of project.


Find local industrial painters at FindAPainter.com or HomeAdvisor. The HomeAdvisor website has a painter locator tool under the Pro Ratings and Reviews section of the website. To find a painter, enter a ZIP code, and view the results. Look for a painter that advertises as an industrial painter.


Reputation, qualifications, certifications, cost and liability are factors to consider when hiring a home improvement contractor. Some states don’t require a written agreement, but it’s advisable in case something goes wrong with the project.


A contractor's all risk insurance is a type of coverage that protects construction projects, such as roads, hospitals, schools, railways, airports, residential buildings, commercial buildings, weirs and theaters. Other works at the construction site are also included in the policy. All materials and


The hourly rate for contractors varies according to what skill set or specialty the contractor has. As of January 2015, general construction laborers earn between $9.46 and $28.32 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Construction managers have a median hourly wage of $38.98.