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When looking for a cleaning service, some qualities to look for are professionalism, punctuality and a good reputation. It is also best to select a company that has its own equipment and that is licensed, insured and bonded.


To choose a cleaning service, review your cleaning needs, interview several cleaning services and check their references. Discuss who supplies the cleaning equipment, areas that need cleaning and payment arrangements in your interviews.


Starting up a cleaning business requires determining whether to purchase a franchise or setting up as an independent operator, as stated by Entrepreneur. Financing, contact information and pricing information is needed before the business can be marketed.


Manta.com, Puroclean.com and Servpro.com are some of the companies that provide clean-up services. These companies list their services in their respective websites and provide contact information for customers who may need their services to contact individual companies.


Use the online directories of the National Glass Association and Glass Global to locate glass companies in your area. The NGA online directory lists member companies, and Glass Global is a collection of glass companies from across the globe.


Private local security services provide a variety of armed and unarmed services and expertise for their clients. These security services are typically equipped to provide guard and patrol services or to serve as consultants for property and business owners seeking to address a range of security issu


To choose a property cleaning service, consider the individual requirements and type of cleaning that need to be done first. After the results are narrowed down, interview each cleaning service to find out more details about the company and the cleaning personnel.


The cost of home cleaning services ranges from $25 to $35 hourly, as of 2015. If the cost is based on square footage, it can range from $116 to $136.


The average cost of a house cleaning service as of 2015 is $152, with $50 being the low end of the price spectrum and $333 being the high end. Most people pay between $112 to $226 for a cleaning service.


Experian provides lists of residential addresses in specified areas and neighborhoods, as of 2016. Professionals use these lists for marketing and promotions. Demographic data is incorporated into the lists, with information such as age, length of residence and household income.