Savings interest rates from Comenity ... combination of one of the highest savings APYs and one of the lowest minimum balances, which is $1. .... There's a $15 fee to send a domestic wire transfer.

Compare money market accounts. Money market rates are typically higher than traditional savings accounts. Open an MMA today.

Compare the best savings accounts and money market rates in your area based on location and convenience, bank financials, and rates.

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May 1, 2019 ... The minimum to open is steep compared to some banks, but the rates can be worthwhile. Although there are some branches, TIAA Bank mainly ...

Most people compare the return of a money market fund (sold by their broker) to the interest rate paid by a traditional bank (sold by their local bank teller).

Apr 3, 2019 ... What are the interest rates for a Credit Union as compared to a bank? Compare the two here, for both savings and loans.

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The most common interest rate on savings accounts is 0.01%, some credit unions and online bank accounts will offer higher rates of 1.00% or more.