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Declawing Cats. It is our choice at Piney Creek Square Integrative Veterinary Medicine to Educate…..Not Amputate.. Declawing has been a commonly accepted practice in veterinary medicine for decades. However, as science has advanced so has the awareness of what is entailed in a declaw surgery.


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Let us help you and your cat before committing to declawing! Learn More. The Examination. Cats Only Veterinary Clinic is a full service medical facility limited strictly to the care and treatment of cats. To ensure the best care for each patient our doctors require a complete physical examination before any clinical assessment can be made. If ...


The cat owner will also have after hours contact numbers for the veterinarian performing the declaw procedure. The Dougherty Veterinary Clinic is proud to participate in the Cat Friendly Practice program. We recognize that, in some cases, opening your home to a kitten or cat in need means declawing.


The team at Veterinarians to Cats is Roanoke’s local resource for everything you need to know about cats. We offer informative and helpful advice you need to take care of your feline friend. Our friendly and compassionate staff is ready to provide you with information on nutritional advice, illness-prevention tips, and more to ensure your cat ...


cats >1 year $185 Feline LASER Declaw and Neuter: $190* ($195 if > 1yr) Feline LASER Declaw and Spay: $210** ($215 if >1yr) Declaw pricing includes pre-surgical exam, anesthesia, procedure, pain medication during and to go home, overnight stay, as well as a 5# bag of Yesterdays News cat litter to use in the immediate post operative period.


Many veterinarians will not perform declaw surgery, because amputation is an unethical, mutilating procedure that can cause health & behavior problems.


Some veterinarians on P.E.I. are calling for an end to the practice of declawing cats on the Island. Dr. Claudia Lister, both a pet owner and veterinarian at the New Perth Animal Hospital is, said ...


If you still are against declawing after having genuine facts coming from someone with more knowledge about animals and their care than most of the declaw-hating population, I recommend you ask your local vet about declawing cats because they will tell you just what I told you and maybe then you will understand.


Declawing is not a routine or necessary part of preventative health care for kittens. Trimming nails, which is quick and easy, is a regular part of caring for indoor cats as well as providing scratching surfaces (please see the article The Importance of Cat Claws for more information). Many people are surprised to learn that removal of the ...