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A 401(a) is a retirement plan mainly used by education and government industries for specific employees that has contribution levels and amounts set by the employer, according to Demand Media. Usually, the employee has no say in how much can be contributed to a 401(a) account.


Lobsters are 10-legged crustaceans that are dwell along the bottom of oceans, freshwater and brackish environments. They are closely related to crabs and shrimp and are often caught and sold as food.


Lobsters are made up of a family of marine crustaceans. They have hard exoskeletons to protect their body, which they must shed and regrow as they mature and get bigger.


A 401(a) plan is a defined contribution money purchase plan that is typically used for retirement. This plan allows both employers and employees to make contributions. A 401(a) plan is tax-exempt until the first withdrawal is made.


Lobster is a popular seafood that can be served either hot or cold. It can be paired with a variety of side dishes. Lobster has a mild flavor on its own, so it pairs well with lots of different foods.


A 401(a) savings plan is a money-purchasing plan created by an employer and contributed to by an employee, the employer or both, according to Investopedia. The employer decides on the vesting schedule, employee eligibility and whether contributions are dollar- or percentage-based. One of the main re


A wide variety of fish, including cod, flounder and wolffish, eat young lobsters. Once lobsters reach maturity, however, they have few predators aside from man. An adult lobster is most vulnerable to predators when it is molting, as its movement is limited and its exterior is soft.


Select Maine lobsters that are alive and small, and purchase them directly from a fisherman or a small-scale fishmonger. Lobster is best when purchased alive and killed immediately before cooking. When lobsters die, enzymes in the upper digestive tract begin to digest their own bodies, which results


The differences between a 401(k) and a 401(a) plan are that 401(k) plans are offered by corporations, and 401(a) plans are offered by government entities, Investopedia notes. A 401(a) plan can be offered alongside 401(k) plans. The contribution levels are determined by the employer in 401(a) plans,


An individual with a 401(k) retirement plan has the option of direct rollover into an individual retirement account, transferring funds to a new employer plan or keeping the funds in the old employer's plan. Taking a taxable distribution allows access to savings but comes with income tax payments, a