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What Color Is the Load Wire? In a circuit, the main load wire — the live power wire between the switch and power source — is typically black, and the secondary load wire is usually red. Wire colors can vary between circuits, so it is best to remove or turn off power sources before touching them.


You'll likely notice two different colored wires on the back of your dimmer. One wire will be black and the other will be a color, probably red or blue. Let's assume blue for this tutorial. This blue colored wire is to be connected to the LOAD wire in your switch box. The load wire runs from the switch to the light fixture.


The timer has a Neutral, Hot and a Load wire to be connected to two black wires - Answered by a verified Electrician ... So the black Hot and the red Load wires connect to the two black wires that the old timer was connected to and the white Neutral wire connects to white wires at the back of the box not previoisly connected to the timer?


In standard 120-volt wiring, the hot wire is black, but it can also be red. In most cases, you see a red wire in an outlet box only in special circumstances. One is that the outlet is a 240-volt one, which requires an extra hot wire. Another is that the box is on a circuit three-way switch loop.


What does it mean when one wire goes into load, and one goes into line. ... had the white wire going into the silver load terminal-- while the black wire was going into the brass line terminal. ... red and blue depending on if you are wiring a 120 or 240 volt circuit black is most often used for 120v and red is most common for the second hot ...


The Load wire is always hot (black or red wire) and the Line wire is the one that returns to your fusebox (usually white). Answer above is absolutely wrong written by someone who does not know ...


Best Answer: The load wire should be without power until you finish connecting everything in the circuit. The line wire should have power until the breaker is turned off. The load is the wire to the device that consumes the electricity. A lamp, a radio, or the device where they can be powered by being ...


What Do Line and Load Mean in Wiring? By Chris Deziel. SAVE; When ... When daisy-chaining a pair of GFIs in a circuit, the load wires from the one upstream in the circuit must be connected to the line terminals of the one downstream, or the one downstream won't function properly.


Red electrical wire indicates the secondary live wires in a 220-volt circuit, used in some types of switch legs and in the interconnection between smoke detectors that are hard-wired into the power system. You can connect a red wire to another red wire or to a black wire.


5. Look on the back of your indoor timer light switch to identify the wires. Each timer manufacturer uses different colored wires to indicate the load, such as red or blue.