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I did three winters (eight months each) at McMurdo Station, and we were allowed to keep the temperature of our living spaces as high as we wanted. Many people would crank their thermostats all the ...


McMurdo Station briefly gained global notice when an anti-war protest was held on February 15, 2003. During the rally, about 50 scientists and station personnel gathered to protest the coming invasion of Iraq by the United States. McMurdo Station was the only Antarctic location to hold such a rally.


My Uncle lived here for 37 years before them military boys built this station and then he climbed the tallllest tree in the lands and drove his convertable into the station but (dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun) as it turns out it is heavily fortified and he got shot and died two hours later after bleeding out in his transforming convertable.


Many of my readers (haha – I have readers) have asked what my living arrangements and day-to-day life at McMurdo Station are like. Life here is pretty good, although I have heard the easiest way to explain it is to have someone watch the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day.Over and over.


McMurdo station is no exception. Many of the residents and scientists working and living here come back year after year. Some for decades on end. The collective time spent at McMurdo is locally referred to as ‘ice time’, something of which all are very proud to boast.


An account of my working a "summer" season at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. Saturday, November 24, 2018. Living in McMurdo Many have asked “what is it like living in McMurdo”, in particular the food and accommodations. Here’s my attempt to answer those questions. To start with, room and board are provided.


The Logistics of Living in Antarctica - Duration: 12:02. ... Under-Sea-Ice Observation Tube at McMurdo Station, Antarctica - Duration: 10:52. TheLastDegrees Antarctica 84,441 views.


McMurdo Station (77°51'S, 166°40'E), the main U.S. station in Antarctica, is a coastal station at the southern tip of Ross Island, about 3,864 km (2,415 miles) south of Christchurch, New Zealand, and 1,360 km (850 miles) north of the South Pole. The original station was built in 1955 to 1956 for the International Geophysical Year.


A little tour of our digs in McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Check out my blog: www.acoupleabroad.com for more about life in Antarctica.


She now works retail in the supply store at McMurdo station, the U.S. base on Antarctica. After taking part in a documentary called Antarctica: ... but it wasn't dorm living. In some of those ...