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We ship our Composting Worms and European Night Crawlers year round, and they are ALWAYS guaranteed LIVE! Choose from our range of Red Composting Worms and European Night Crawlers for sale! Every order is sealed and shipped with care and with our customers in mind so you can be assured that your worms will arrive at your door step safe and sound!


Earthworms For Sale. We are your premier source of Red Worms (Eisenia Fetida) and European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia Hortensis). With over 50 years of collective experience in raising, packing, and shipping earthworms you can rest assured you are getting the best quality worms at excellent prices.


European Nightcrawlers. They don’t need REFRIGERATION Quantity: Price ... Wax Worms | Canadian Nightcrawlers | Leeches | Red Worms | European Nightcrawlers | Spikes | Live Mealworms Hopper Style Bird Feeder | Worm Care Instructions | Contact Us | Home


mealworms, superworms & wax worms for sale: live worms . Shop for mealworms, superworms & wax worms for sale at Petco and discover a diverse way to fill out your reptile’s menu. When it comes to feeder insects, mealworms are often one of the most widely recognized varieties.


Canadian Nightcrawlers. Lumbricus terrestris. Canadian Nightcrawlers are the #1 Live Bait for a reason. These worms average 3 1/2 – 6″ in length and the diameter of a pencil. They are used for every species of fish from Walleye, Bass and Catfish to Saltwater. Nightcrawlers are also broken into parts for small pan fish.


European Nightcrawlers Description. These worms are Eisenia hortensis, also known as European Nightcrawlers or Belgian worms. They are great for composting and can eat half their weight a day in food. They will take your table scraps and turn them into great compost for your garden and plants.


Catalog - Premium Canadian Nightcrawlers Due to varying weather, all Nightcrawler orders may need to be shipped with Cooler Cold Packs at an additional charge. Please refer to the 'Cooler Cold Packs' section for information.


Live Mealworms are the highest quality insects that reptiles and birds love to feed on. Fluker Farms offers large and medium mealworms in bulk from 250 to 5,000 per box.


Wholesale Live Bait, Bait Fish, Worms & Larvae, Leeches, Worm Castings A superior soil enricher and rich natural fertilizer. To order, please call us at (715) 344-9843


Live Mealworms for Sale Free Shipping. Mealworms for Sale Mealworm Bedding and Bran for Sale Also. Commonly asked questions about Live Mealworms: ... The worms will live, pupate into beetles and even breed like this. If you would like to keep them at a certain size then you will have to refrigerate them. Keep them in some bedding in the ...