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Little blue penguins are monogamous most of the time, and they are strongly attached to their partners, although still there are a few cases of “divorce”. Little blue penguins are monogamous most of the time. Females lay two eggs, the first sometime between the middle of September to November and the second a few days later.


Blue penguins are remarkable swimmers because of their white flipper-like feet. See also: Penguin Facts For Kids. Little Penguin chicks. Range & Habitat. Little blue penguins are thought to occur on the coastal New Zealand as well as the southern coast of Australia including Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania, and offshore islands.


A new enclosure for the little penguin colony was opened at Sea World in 2008. New Zealand. Exhibits currently exist at the Auckland Zoo, the Wellington Zoo and the National Aquarium of New Zealand. North America. A colony of little blue penguins exists at the New England Aquarium in Boston, Massachusetts.


Little Blue Penguin Facts for Kids. The average length of these penguins is about 43 cm (17 in), some of which measures around 33 cm (13 in).; Unlike other species, these penguins are called by different names such as Fairy Penguins, and Blue Penguins.


Little Blue Penguin Facts For Kids. Fun Facts About Little Blue Penguin Conclusion. Thank you so much for stopping by and learning about these neat little animals. The fairy penguin aren’t found in very man places, but they are really neat to learn about. I’m hoping that these little blue penguin facts for kids, helped you learn a little ...


Little blue penguins lay eggs in April to October. Little blue penguins have an average lifespan of 6 – 7 years but they can live as long as 25 years in captivity. Predators of blue penguins are foxes, wolves, ferrets, rats, dogs, stoats, and large reptiles. The worldwide population size of little blue penguins is about 350,000 – 600,000.


The normal body temperature of the Little blue penguin is about 100° F (38° C). According to the opinion of some scientists, penguins are very short-sighted on land. These birds see much better under water than in air. Little blue penguins are very agile and fast swimmers.


The cute penguins are explained on Facts about Little Blue Penguins.It has the biological name of Eudyptula minor. Among all species of penguins, it is the smallest one. It has the average length of 17 inches or 43 cm.


Little penguins (Eudyptula minor) are also called fairy penguin, little blue penguin, or blue penguins.They are a species of penguin that lives near the coasts of Australia and New Zealand.The little penguin is the smallest of all penguins.


Little Penguin The little penguin is the smallest species of penguin in the world, with the average adult little penguin rarely reaching half a meter in height. The little penguin has a number of other common names including the fairy penguin, the little blue penguin and simply just the blue penguin.