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Dedication litanies occur in Christian churches during dedication services that place objects in the service of God. Common dedication services that may include a litany include the opening of a new church building or church furniture, such as an altar.


Black History Month is an annual celebration, in February, of the achievements of African Americans. It commemorates and recognizes the roles played by African Americans in shaping the history of the United States of America.


Ways to celebrate Black History Month in school include reading and discussing poems from historic black poets, making traditional soul food dishes, playing African games, and viewing or creating timelines depicting major events in black history. Students can also study...


February is celebrated as Black History Month in the United States because its precursor, Negro History Week, first sponsored in 1926, was held the second week in February in recognition of the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas. From 1926 on, many citie...


Black History Month celebrates the contributions made by African-Americans to the history of the United States. The U.S. observes National African-American History Month in February of each year.


Black history plays are available free of charge from PioneerDrama.com and Scholastic.com. Both sites offer short plays suitable for children telling about famous African Americans in history.


Black History Month is an outgrowth of Negro History Week, an event created in 1926 by Carter Woodson, an African-American scholar and historian. In 1976, the annual event was extended to last for one month, during which achievements of African-Americans are honored.