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Thewall-USA.com is a database of 58,272 names on Vietnam Memorial, last updated in 2010. The homepage provides a search tool for locating the names of U.S. Military men and women who died in Viet Nam. Visitors may enter identifying information for one individual or view all names on any panel.


There is no single, definitive website that lists individual Vietnam veterans by their state of birth. However, many online resources are available for friends or family members trying to search for information on a Vietnam veteran.


Find a list of the names of soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War by visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., or by viewing the names online at TheWall-USA.com. Both the physical location of The Wall and the virtual wall honor those soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War, whether


A comprehensive list of Vietnam War veterans is impossible to obtain, but the Vietnam War section of Military Indexes is an excellent online resource for the information that is available. This site contains a directory of links to online records related to many historical conflicts, including Vietn


A complete list of all Vietnam veterans is unavailable. However, as of 2015, an alphabetical list of all Vietnam veterans who have died through 2014 is maintained at VVA.org by the Vietnam Veterans of America. Enter the phrase "memorial list" in the Search field on the main Web page.


The commonly accepted dates for the Vietnam conflict are 1954 to 1975. Most of the military fighting occurred between 1957 and 1973. Because Congress never officially passed a vote to declare a war, the United States was never technically at war with North Vietnam.


The National Archives and Records Administration's National Personnel Records Center, abbreviated as NPRC, in St. Louis, Missouri is the only place that has records of every American who has served throughout the 20th century. This is a likely place to find a list of Vietnam veterans who survived th


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Maps of Vietnam which include locations for US firebases, air force and naval bases, medical bases, and other major military locations do exist. They are most readily found through the Websites of individual military units which served during the Vietnam War.


Good sources for finding the names of those who served in the Vietnam War are Veterans History Project and the National Personnel Records Center. These sites can be used to search for information on American survivors and deceased of any war since World War I.