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This is a list of the top-level leaders for religious groups with at least 50,000 adherents, and that led anytime since January 1, 2001. It should likewise only name leaders listed on other articles and lists.


The following is a current list of the highest-ranking leaders in major Christian churches or denominations.The list is in descending order based on the number of congregants. Data on numbers of adherents are based on church membership


This article suggests a list of the 14 greatest religious leaders in history. A concise biography is also included with the name of each person or entity.


Some examples of religious leaders would be people like the Dalai Lama and Pope Benedict XVI while a list of spiritual leaders would include people like the famous Osho Rajneesh. It is natural, at this point, to look for more information about these people and others like then so here is a list of just such people along with their biographies ...


History's Major Religious Leaders Skip down to Famous Contemporary Religious Leaders. The following list of religious leaders is taken directly from Living Biographies of Religious Leaders by Henry Thomas and Dana Lee Thomas, Garden City, New York: Garden City Books (1959), one volume in the Thomas's classic Living Biographies series.


I think only Christian leaders with proven character should be on the list so I would delete Jesse Jackson, the political activist and adulterer. If it were a list of the 10 most influential Christian leaders of all time then St. Paul, who wrote a majority of the New Testament would have to top it. Reply


Newsmax is out with its list of the top 100 Christian leaders in America who make a real impact on modern lives in 2015. Christianity's challenges in today's world of instantaneous information transmission and new brands of sin are not what they were a century ago, nor are they quite what they were during the socio-sexual revolution of the '60s.


Indian Spiritual & Religious Leaders; List of famous Indian spiritual and religious leaders with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history. Famous Indian Spiritual & Religious Leaders. Religion and spirituality hold a significant place in Indian culture. The nation has been known for its spirituality ...


Examples of religious leaders in Christianity include the pope and bishops for Roman Catholicism and the Archbishop of Canterbury for Anglicanism. The title "religious leader" can also have an extended non-juridical meaning to include those religious icons who have influenced the masses, such as Billy Graham or Fulton J. Sheen.


Newsmax released its annual list of the top 100 Christian leaders in America this week. The list shows people in America who spread Christian values most often. But this isn’t just a list of ...