While there is no one true definition of processed meats, it generally means any meat that has been cured, salted or smoked, or any meat that has had chemicals added. Some examples of processed meats include hot dogs, bo... More »

Red meats are all meats that are red when raw, such as beef, pork and lamb. Red meats are typically high in saturated fats, and excessive intake of these meats is linked to various health problems. The flesh of a cow, or... More »

White meat includes chicken and fish, while red meat refers to beef, pork, venison and some other varieties of game. The United States Department of Agriculture categorizes meats as either white or red. The department's ... More »

Potted meat is made from chopped, cooked meats, water, salt, flavorings and preservatives. The exact ingredients vary between brands of potted meat. The top ingredients in most commercial potted meats are mechanically se... More »

Prosciutto, coppa, and culatello are gourmet Italian meats. Other options include pancetta, sopressata, pepperoni, porchetta and salame. Most gourmet Italian meats contain pork or beef, although venison and wild boar are... More »

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Some examples of processed meats are bacon, sausage and lunch meats like bologna. Chicken nuggets, hamburger patties and kebabs are also examples of processed meats. More »

Low-fat or lean meats provide many nutrients that are necessary for the maintenance and health of the human body, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Meat, fish, poultry, nuts, eggs and seeds are go... More »

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