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To talk to a priest online, visit the website Priest on Line, available as of 2014. Another option is to enter the keywords "priest online" into a search engine to access a variety of sites for different religious preferences. Most offer their services free of charge and allow individuals to chat wi


There is no comprehensive directory of all former priests. Some former priests are gainfully employed in numerous fields, while some exercise ministry in a different church or denomination.


Find a Catholic priest by consulting either MassTimes.org or the current edition of "The Official Catholic Directory." MassTimes.org enables website visitors to search a specified area for parishes. Entries provide parish phone numbers that can provide contact information for parish priests.


Find a priest nearby by searching on sites such as CitiMinistries.org, TheCatholicDirectory.com or Yellowpages.com. Each site contains tools to locate priests and other religious figures of a specific denomination within a given area.


Priests in the Roman Catholic Church wear different vestment colors to symbolize a particular season. For example, violet is worn during Advent and red is used during Good Friday. Along with the vestment colors, specific music, prayers and readings are used to express a specific season or holiday.


During the daily Mass, a priest leads the congregation in the Lord's Prayer, followed by the rite of peace. He may read through the Roman missal and selected passages from the Bible. A priest will give thanks to Christ and lead the congregation in thanking God for the blessings of life. A priest als


A Jewish priest is called a "Kohen." Those who gain this title are considered to be descendants of Aaron the priest. Kohens are not to be confused with rabbis, who are simply religious educators in the Jewish religion.


The Islamic religion does not have a defined clergy like the Christian church. Any man may lead prayers or perform the tasks that Christians reserve for the priesthood.


A Catholic priest directory lists the names and locations of current Catholic priests and the branches of Catholicism to which they belong. Some Catholic priest directories also list the place and year of ordination, along with a history of assignment for each clergy member. Updates are made to nati


The Official Catholic Directory provides up-to-date clergy and non-clergy members in the United States and in other parts of the world. The websites of dioceses in many cities often post information about the hierarchy in each Catholic diocese, including the name of the bishop and the priests in eve