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This frequently updated list of mobile number prefixes will help you determine what mobile network a number belongs to. This is quite helpful if you are availing of a call or text promo and you want to call or text a particular number. That way, you can avoid extra charges for inter-network connections. Mobile Number Prefixes in the Philippines ...


Thank you for creating this blog. Mobile number prefixes in the Philippines listed here are very useful especially for us. In our company, we are calling a lot of applicants per day and initially we had trouble when it comes to extra charges calling numbers we do not know what mobile network they are into.


It is important to know the list of mobile network prefixes in Philippines in order to identify what mobile network you are trying to reach. It is of your own benefit to prevent unnecessary extra charges when trying to call or text your contacts not knowing which mobile network they are subscribed to.


Mobile number prefix or Network prefix is the first four numbers (like 0999-9999999) found in the unique 11-digit number from the different Philippine Telecommunication Networks including Globe, TM (Touch Mobile), Smart, TNT (Talk N' Text), Sun Cellular, and Cherry Prepaid.


Telephone numbers in the Philippines follow an open telephone numbering plan and an open dial plan.Both plans are regulated by the National Telecommunications Commission, an attached agency under the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT).. The Philippines is assigned an international dialing code of 63 by ITU-T.Telephone numbers are fixed at eight digits for area code ...


It is important to know the list of mobile number prefixes in Philippines in order to identify what mobile network you are trying to reach. When you are registered to a promo which only benefits with the same network, you must know the network provider of your contact to know if it is covered by your promo or not.


2020 List of Philippine Mobile Number Prefixes: Know if a Number is Smart, Globe, TNT, TM, or SUN. Editorial Staff | List, Public Info. Here in the Philippines, it’s not that easy to determine whether a number is from Globe, Smart, etc. Moreover, it’s actually going to depend on what the prefix is.


Here is the list of all mobile number prefixes available in the Philippines. I've been figuring out some simple way for you to easily find your number prefix and I believed search box will help you bellow.


Other prefixes not mentioned in this list are currently vacant, and the NTC will publish occupants in the future. The correct format for landline calls from mobile beginning March 18 will be +63 2X-XXX-XXXX, X-XXX-XXX, or 02X-XXX-XXX, depending on the network, with the area code still intact and the prefix number added before the landline number.


Let’s cut to the chase! Here’s the list of all mobile network prefixes in the Philippines that are included in the PreFIX PH App. This is the 2020 Complete List of Philippine Mobile Network Prefixes. Sort mobile prefixes number by: