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Popular Polish dishes include pierogi, a type of dumpling, golabki, stuffed cabbage rolls, bigos, a meat and cabbage stew, and kotlet schabowy, a breaded cutlet. Polish cuisine also features such popular deserts and pastries as paczki, a type of donut, and makowiec, a poppy seed cake.


OPI.com and ThePolishGarden.WordPress.com have a list of OPI nail polish names. On OPI.com, first select the collection. Then view the nail polish names in the collection. ThePolishGarden.WordPress.com sorts the OPI nail polish names by year.


Assorted lists of OPI nail polish colors are available on the OPI website. Users may browse a variety of nail polish collections to find their favorite shades.


A list of cultural foods includes specific regional or ethnic dishes that help define a culture. For example, such lists may include tacos and enchiladas for Mexican food, egg rolls and dim sum for Chinese food, udon noodles and sushi for Japanese food, and pizza and lasagna for Italian food.


Polish symbol tattoos are tattoos of a symbol distinct to Poland. Examples include the Polish flag and the Polish coat of arms. The Polish flag is a simple half-red and half-white horizontal stripe while the Polish coat of arms features a white-tailed eagle wearing a crown.


Whole grains, whole-grain bread products, skinless chicken breasts, salmon and mushrooms are healthy foods, according to WebMD. These versatile foods contain essential nutrients and offer many important health benefits.


WebMD lists and reviews more than 100 diets for patients to get information on the most popular diet plans. U.S. News & World Report rates 32 diets for the best of 2014, including diabetes, heart-healthy, weight loss and plant-based diets. The media outlet also examines the best overall diets. Every


A list of preferred food items to bring to local food banks is featured at Mother Nature Network, Oregon Food Bank and Austin Food Bank. The best type of foods for food banks are nonperishable canned and dry goods. Cans that have pop-top lids and packaging that are easy for kids and older people to


Fat-free foods include most fruits and vegetables, including apples, oranges, bananas, broccoli and leafy greens such as kale or spinach. Other plant-based foods, such as black and pinto beans, are popular options for individuals on the lookout for fat-free foods. Dairy products can also come in fat


From pierogi to paczki, traditional Polish food has recovered from its suppression under Communist rule and become a popular option for modern diners. Updated 06/03/19 When it comes to visiting Poland, sampling the traditional Polish cuisine—which was suppressed along with other aspects of Polish cu