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Berries and leaves are poisonous. Berries contain syringin, which causes digestive disturbances and nervous symptoms; can be fatal. Privet is one of several plants which are poisonous to horses. Privet pollen is known to cause asthma and eczema in sufferers.


Birds especially are not a good indication of whether a berry is poisonous or not. Never eat a berry that you are unsure of, especially if it is red or black. There are many poisonous and deadly plants in the world, however, only those with highly poisonous berries are shown for the purpose of this list.


Pictures of poisonous plants can help you to identify vegetation and berries that should not be touched or eaten. Some weeds can cause rashes on contact. This list includes information about beneficial weeds and natural remedies that help counteract the itching caused by a couple of noxious weeds.


5 poisonous berries that you should steer clear of – and 3 wild berries you can eat. By learning what's edible and what's not, you can also take advantage of the berry bounty that may exist in ...


How to Identify Common Poisonous Berries in North America. Now how does one know which berries are edible? The best way is to learn about various species of harmful berries. Although eating a lethal berry just one time will not harm you,...


Juicy, sweet berries are highly perishable and are often a luxury item at the grocery store. Grow berries in your home garden instead, for a delicious summer treat that’s packed with vitamins, fiber and cancer-fighting antioxidants. Do your research before eating any berry you are not familiar with, as some are toxic (shown in red […]


There are many wild plants growing in the U.S. that look like they would be edible, but are not at all safe-to-eat. Before you start wolfing down unknown nuts and berries, make sure you’ve memorized the following list of plants in our OL Survival Gallery of toxic wild plants.


CHOP's Poison Control Center receives numerous calls about children who have eaten wild berries. If your child has swallowed something that you suspect might be poisonous, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. The most commonly found poisonous berries in the mid-Atlantic region include:


Top 8 Poisonous Berries Some of the common houseplants and decorative plants usually bear highly toxic berries. As a result, they present a high risk, especially in a home with small children and pets that are easily attracted by good-looking berries. Therefore, it is very important to differentiate the berries that are good from those are that ...


Poisonous Berries. Botanical classifications aside, there are some berries that are poisonous. Below is a list of berries that range from mildly poisonous (causing gastric upset) to extremely poisonous (they can kill you.) Holly berries - hard, bright red berries, that grow on a holly plant