Pizza Hut publishes its topping list on its website. Users can view the list by navigating to the Pizza section from the website's home page and then choosing the Create Your Own option. More » Food

Some ways to view a Pizza Hut delivery menu include and, as of 2015. At, customers can order from the menu and arrange delivery while FoodMenuPrices only displays the menu and... More » Food

Popular meat toppings for Pizza Hut's pizzas include pepperoni, ham, sausage, meatball and grilled chicken, as of 2015. Vegetable toppings include mushrooms, red onions, green peppers, black olives and fresh spinach. More »

Pizza Hut checks online employment applications sent through the store's official website. This site allows users to narrow their searches by both job title and location. More » Business & Finance Corporations

Pizza Hut sells gift cards on its website in denominations of $10 and $20. Customers have the option of gift cards which are shipped to the selected address or eGift Cards which are delivered electronically to the recipi... More » Food

Pizza Hut does not use a central ordering system for call-in orders, but consumers can find their local Pizza Hut numbers by visiting the company's website and choosing "Find a Pizza Hut." Pizza Hut customers enter their... More »

Pizza Hut provides free online coupons and special offers by email to Hut Lovers members. Coupons can be accessed after filling out a simple form online. More »