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This is a list of commissioners offices that head departments in New York City government. There are many other municipal government offices with the title of "commissioner" in New York City, and some departments are headed by individuals with a title other than commissioner.


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List of Superintendents, Chiefs, and Commissioners Pre-1901. Prior to 1901, the New York City Police Department was run by a board of four to six Commissioners. The following is a list of some of the most famous members of the Police Commission:


The Mayor of New York City is the chief executive of New York City's government, as stipulated by New York City's charter. The current mayor, the 109th in the sequence of regular mayors, is Bill de Blasio, a Democrat. During the Dutch colonial period from 1624 to 1664, New Amsterdam was governed by the Director of New Netherland.


Matsell, George Washington. (1875) Answer and protest of George W. Matsell, Police Commissioner and President of the Board of Police of the City of New York, to charges made against the commissioners of police by the Mayor of the City of New York, October 7, 1875. New York, N.Y. : John X. Browne.


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James P. O'Neill was appointed the 43rd police commissioner of the City of New York by Mayor Bill de Blasio in September 2016. He had served previously as chief of department, the NYPD's highest uniformed rank.


Ms. Schriro, in 1985 - 1989,was NYC DOC Assistant Commissioner For Special Programs. After leaving NYC DOC as Commissioner Feb. 1, 2014, she became Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Emergency Servies and Public Protection. The sixth is the current Commissioner, Ms. Brann.


New York City’s 109th mayor has taken office. Following a campaign in which he regularly cited affordable housing as a key issue facing NYC, Mayor Bill de Blasio has begun the day-to-day work of running America’s largest city. The de Blasio administration continues to take shape as the mayor appoints deputy mayors, commissioners and other key officials.


The Commission regulates the state's electric, gas, steam, telecommunications, and water utilities. The Commission also oversees the cable industry. The Commission is charged by law with the responsibility for setting rates and ensuring that adequate service is provided by New York's utilities.