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Mortgagee Clause Definition A property insurance provision granting special protection for the interest of a mortgagee (e.g., financial institution that has an interest in the property) named in the policy, in effect setting up a separate contract between the insurer and the mortgagee.


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You are at: Home » Mortgage » What is your Lender’s Mortgagee Clause? What is your Lender’s Mortgagee Clause? 0. By Marlon Brown on January 8, 2015 Mortgage. You will find the mortgagee clause address and other details on this page. However, it is only appropriate to learn a few things about a mortgagee clause before you can actually use it.


The ISO mortgage clause applies to the mortgage holder named in the commercial property declarations. The policy should list the mortgage holder's name and mailing address, and include a description of the mortgaged property. The term mortgage holder includes a trustee. In some states, lenders secure their loans via deeds of trust rather than ...


Standard mortgage clause is a clause in an insurance policy that protects the interest of the lender to recover the proceeds even if the borrower is at fault. This type of clauses is mainly included in fire and casualty insurance. The incorporation of this clause in an insurance policy leads to the creation of a separate contract between the ...


A mortgage clause is included in property insurance policies for the protection of the mortgagee, or financial institution. Standard Clause. Mortgage clauses come in different types. A standard mortgage clause protects the mortgagee if harm or loss occurred by fault of the policy holder.


The mortgagee clause is the legal description of the entity that has financial interest in any piece of property. Typically, the mortgagee clause contains the name and address of the lender as well as the loan number. Pretty straightforward. You may also see the following letters or words contained in the mortgagee clause.


A mortgagee clause is a clause in a property insurance policy which states that the property insurance company will pay out any claims to both the mortgagor (mortgage holder) and the mortgagee (mortgage lender).


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