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A standard college medical terminology textbook is "Medical Terminology for Health Professions," by Ann Ehrlich of Goddard College. This textbook has passed through several editions and can be obtained with a companion CD.


There is no definitive online medical terminology course that is rated the best, but De Moines University, Ashworth College and the AAPC offer the course. As of January 2015, De Moines University is the only one of these three that offers the course for free, according to the school's website.


Students learn common terms used in health care settings when enrolled in a medical terminology class. The terminology is often divided in categories that explore the systems of the human body, such as the circulatory, respiratory and nervous system, and learn ways to relate the medical terms to ana


Many institutions offer free online medical terminology courses, including Des Moines University and the University of Minnesota. Some offer classes using the iTunes U app.


There are many academic institutions that offer online medical terminology courses, including DeVry University, University of Phoenix and Penn Foster Career School. Depending on the institution, the course may be free or the student pays tuition at a rate set by the school, says Penn Foster Career S


People can find lists of Jewish terminology at Jewfaq.org and DailyWritingTips.com. Jewfaq.org includes a list that defines Hebrew, Yiddish and other Jewish terms. The website also offers the pronunciation for most terms, along with a general pronunciation guide. DailyWritingTips.com offers the reso


Online medical terminology courses are available for students who want to earn a certificate, the American Academy of Professional Coders states. As of 2015, the AAPC course ranges from $395 to $520, depending on membership status, and the medical terminology curriculum offers preparation for coding


Access online information about medical terminology by visiting sites such as WebMD.com, GlobalRPh.com, MediLexicon.com and DMU.edu, as of 2015. Each site contains links to pages that offer definitions of various terms along with explanations of the roots, prefixes and suffixes that comprise the ter


Professions that require medical terminology courses include medical transcription, medical assistance, medical records, and medical coding and billing, according to the Houston Chronicle. These jobs typically require solid English communication skills and good computer skills.


Students who need help learning medial terminology quickly can take advantage of tutoring in most college academic centers, create flash cards to review with peer study groups, and invest in a medical dictionary to look up definitions of each term. Former medical students and teachers are also helpf