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What Are Some Types of Environmental Hazards? Pesticides, lead, contaminated water, mercury, carbon monoxide, tobacco smoke and asbestos are types of environmental hazards that pose health risks. Many people are exposed to environmental hazards at industrial work sites or when using chemicals and appliances in private homes.


Our health and the health of many other species is negatively affected by five broad environmental hazards (the environmental equivalents of lust, anger, greed, pride, and attachment): electromagnetic fields, radiation, toxic chemicals, toxic metals, and soil mineral depletion.


An environmental hazard is a substance, a state or an event which has the potential to threaten the surrounding natural environment / or adversely affect people's health, including pollution and natural disasters such as storms and earthquakes.. Any single or combination of toxic chemical, biological, or physical agents in the environment, resulting from human activities or natural processes ....


List of Significant Environmental Hazards Reported to the DEEP Period covering 10/01/1998 through 2/28/2019 Berlin Site/location Date Notified Type of Hazard Response Action Best Cleaners 138 Mill Street


How can I protect my child from environmental hazards in our home? There can be things inside your home that can harm your child. There can also be hazards found in the dust and dirt in or around your home and yard. The following are examples of hazards found where children live and what you can do about them. Asbestos


List of Significant Environmental Hazards Abstract: Description: Since October 1, 1998, property owners have been required to submit information on certain types of environmental conditions to the Department of Environmental Protection when such conditions are encountered by environmental professionals in the course of conducting an environmental site investigation or remediation of a parcel. ...


Environmental Hazard is a branch of sciences that provides insight into pollutant pathways, behavior and fate in environmental sciences and the possible consequences of their presence, with multidisciplinary contributions from the fields of analytical chemistry, biochemistry, biology, ecology, molecular and cellular biology in an environmental ...


This page is a list of environmental disasters. In this context it is an annotated list of specific events caused by human activity that results in a negative effect on the environment Environmental disasters by category. Agricultural. Mismanagement and shrinking of the Aral Sea; Salinity in Australia ...


What better way to celebrate Earth Day this year than to banish the top 10 indoor environmental hazards from your home? The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM)’s top 10 list of indoor environmental hazards provides a practical starting point for making your indoor environment safer and healthier.


A 7 part series covering the 6 types of workplace hazards. Hazards exist in every workplace, but how do you know which ones have the most potential to harm workers? By identifying hazards at your workplace, you will be better prepared to control or eliminate them and prevent accidents, injuries, property damage, and downtime.