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For a species to be considered endangered by the IUCN it must meet certain quantitative criteria which are designed to classify taxa facing "a very high risk of exintction". An even higher risk is faced by critically endangered species, which meet the quantitative criteria for endangered species. Critically endangered reptiles are listed ...


This is a complete list of critically endangered reptile species and subspecies evaluated by the IUCN. Species considered possibly extinct by the IUCN are marked as such. Species and subspecies which have critically endangered subpopulations (or stocks) are indicated.


Tortoises and freshwater turtles bear the tragic distinction of being the world’s most endangered clade, with more than half of the species threatened with extinction. A seemingly endless list of human disturbances continues to push these wonderfully unique animals closer to oblivion – yet this quiet crisis rarely makes headlines.


Other serious threats to endangered turtles and tortoises the world over include water pollution as well as loss of habitat due to river-damming, water diversion and other human activities. A recent Turtle Conservation Coalition report includes a list of the group’s Top 25 Most Endangered freshwater turtles and tortoises. Most of the ...


In China the turtle trade is enormous, with millions of turtles being imported annually from all over Asia, Africa and North America to meet the huge demand. Most of China's native turtles are nearly extinct in the wild, with many of their species included on this list of most endangered turtles.


This list contains some of the most endangered reptiles and presents them in seven categories of interest: Least concern and near threatened, vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered, extinct in the wild and extinct. It is certainly discomforting to look at the list of reptiles that became extinct in the past couple of hundred years.


The species listed here are only a few of the many critically endangered turtle and tortoise species. They illustrate that though these species wear a suit of armor, they are incredible fragile ...


6 Endangered Sea Turtles List Facts, complete explanation about sea turtles endangered species list as well as their facts and habitats. full review.


Zoological Society of London has released a list of the 100 Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered Reptiles. Using a formula published in a PLOS ONE Study, each species receives a score ...


On earth reptiles are those animals in which snakes, crocodiles and some other popular species lie. So this list of reptiles have their facts and pictures.